These people work for us upfront and behind the scenes.

Committee Members

The Cape Town Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Group is run by a committee of four to eight CTPSPG members, each of whom carries one or more portfolios. The committee is responsible for the management and co-ordination of the group’s activities, as well as liaison with other local and international psychoanalytic groups.

To contact the committee email

Here are the 2020 committee members and their portfolios:

Website; Reading group liaison: Introductory groups

072 252 5646
SAPC liaison
076 735 5272
Reading group liaison (except Introductory groups)
082 938 8378
082 963 7835
International Liaison & Curriculum
076 892 3592

In addition, these members assist the committee with various other functions:

CPD and Library
082 661 8415​
Communications, Membership and Website
021 712 6362
083 642 1599