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Author / Editor Title
Alleyne, Aileen The Burden of Heritage – Hauntings of Generational Trauma on Black Lives
Altman, N Psychoanalysis in an age of accelerating change: Spiritual globalization
Anderson, F Bodies in Treatment
Aron, L & Anderson, F Relational Perspectives on the Body: Relational Perspectives series– Vol 12
Aron, L. & Harris, A Relational Psychoanalysis Vol 5 Evolution of process
Atlas, Galit; Aron, Lewis Dramatic Dialogue – Contemporary Clinical Practice
Atwood, G The Abyss of Madness
Atwood, G & Stolorow, R Structures of subjectivity: Explorations in psychoanalytic phenomenology
Bacal, H with Carlton, LA The Power of Specificity in Psychotherapy
Barsness, R E (Ed) Core Competencies of Relational Psychoanalysis: A Guide to Practice, Study, and Research
Beebe, B, Knoblauch, S, & Rustin, J Forms of intersubjectivity in infant research and adult treatment
Benjamin, J Beyond Doer and Done To: Recognition theory, intersubjectivity, and the third
Benjamin, J The shadow of the other: Intersubjectivity and gender in psychoanalysis
Berzoff, J (Ed) Falling through the cracks/Psychodynamic practices with vulnerable and oppressed populations
Bollas, C The shadow of the object: Psychoanalysis of the unthought known
Bollas, C The Vitality of Objects
Bowlby, J The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds
Buirski, P & Kottler, A New developments in self psychology practice
Buirski, Peter; Haglund, Pamela; Markley, Emily Making Sense Together – The Intersubjective Approach to Psychotherapy
Chessick, R. Psychology of the self and the treatment of Narcissism
Clulow, C Partners Becoming Parents
Crastnopol, M Micro trauma: A psychoanalytic understanding of cumulative psychic trauma
Danielian, J and Gianotti, P Listening with purpose/ Entry points into shame and narcissistic vulnerability
Dottolo, A and Kaschak, E Whiteness and White Privilege in Psychotherapy
Eigen, M Psychic Deadness
Fonagy, P Attachment Theory
Fonagy, P et al. Affect Regulation, Mentalisation and the development of the self
Freud, Sigmund 1. Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis
Freud, Sigmund 2. New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis
Freud, Sigmund 3. Studies on Hysteria
Freud, Sigmund 4. The Interpretation of Dreams
Freud, Sigmund 5. The Psychopathology of everyday life
Freud, Sigmund 7. On Sexuality
Freud, Sigmund 8. Case Histories 1 ” Dora and Little Hans”
Freud, Sigmund 9. Case Histories 2 “Rat Man, Schrever, Wolf Man, Female Homosexuality”
Freud, Sigmund 10. On Psychopathology
Freud, Sigmund 12. Civilization, society and religion, group Psychology, civilization and its discontents and other works
Freud, Sigmund 15. Historical and expository works on psychoanalysis
Frie, R et al. Persons in Context/ the challenge of individuality in theory and practice
Frie, Roger : Pascal , Sauvayre Culture, Politics and Race in the Making of Interpersonal Psychoanalysis – Breaking Boundaries
Gabbard, G et al. Textbook of Psychoanalysis
Gerson, B The therapist as a person: Life crises, life choices, life experiences, and their effects on treatment
Goldberg, A Basic ideas reconspired: Progress in self psychology – volume12
Goldberg, A Conversations in self psychology: Progress in self psychology – volume 13
Goldberg, A Dimensions of self experience: Progress in self psychology – volume 5
Goldberg, A Frontiers in self psychology: Progress in self psychology – volume 3
Goldberg, A How responsive should we be? : Progress in self psychology – volume 16
Goldberg, A Learning from Kohut: Progress in self psychology – volume 4
Goldberg, A Postmodern self psychology: Progress in self psychology – volume 18
Goldberg, A The impact of new ideas: Progress in self psychology – volume 11
Goldberg, A The narcissistic patient revisited: Progress in self psychology – volume 17
Goldberg, A The new therapeutic visions : Progress in self psychology – volume 8
Goldberg, A The realities of transference: Progress in self psychology – volume 6
Goldberg, A The widening scope of self psychology: Progress in self psychology – volume 9
Goldberg, A The world of self psychology:  Progress in self psychology – volume 14
Goldberg, A A decade of progress: Progress in self psychology – volume 10
Goldberg, A Pluralism in self psychology:  Progress in self psychology – volume 15
Haber, Darren Addiction, Accommodation, and Vulnerability in Psychoanalysis – Circles without a Center
Hagman, G. ; Zimmermann, P; Paul, H. (Editors) Intersubjective Self Psychology: A Primer
Harris & Kuckuck The Legacy of Sandor Ferenczi: From ghost to ancestor
Hassim, S Go Home or Die Here
Howell & Itzkowitz The Dissociative Mind in Psychoanalysis – Understanding and working with
Hurry, Ed A Psychoanalysis and developmental therapy (Bound Book)
Jackson, Helene Using Self Psychology in Psychotherapy (Bound Book)
Jaenicke, C Change in Psychoanalysis: An Analysts Reflections on the therapeutic relationship
Jaenicke, C The Search for a Relational Home: An Intersubjective View of Therapeutic Action
Jaenicke, C The Search for a Relational Home: An Intersubjective View of Therapeutic Action
Kohut, H How does analysis cure
Kohut, H The restoration of the self
Kohut, H The Analysis of Self
Kohut, H The Kohut Seminars – On Self Psychology and Psychotherapy with Adolescents and Young Adults
Kuchuk, S (Ed) Clinical implications of the psychoanalyst’s life experiences: When the personal becomes professional
Kuchuk, S (Ed) The Relational Revolution in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Lachmann, F Transforming aggression
Lachmann, F Transforming narcissism:  Reflections on empathy, humor, and expectations
Layton, L; Hollander, N., Gutwill, S Psychoanalysis, Class and Politics: Encounters in the Clinical Setting
Levett, A; Kottler, A; …Burman, E & Parker, I Culture, power & difference: Discourse analysis in South Africa
Lichtenberg, J, Lachmann, F & Fossage, J Psychoanalysis and Motivational Systems
Licthenberg, J, Lachmann, F, Fossage, J A spirit of inquiry: Communication in psychoanalysis
Lingiardi & Williams (Ed) Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual – PDM2
Long, Wahbie Nation On the Couch – Inside South Africa’s Mind
Lord, S. A (ed.) Reflections on Long Term Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
MacIntosh, Heather B. Developmental Couple Therapy for Complex Trauma – A Manual for Therapists
Maroda, Karen J The Analyst’s Vulnerability – Impact on Theory and Practice
Mitchell, S Relationality: from attachment to intersubjectivity
Mollon, P Releasing the self- the healing legacy of Heinz Kohut
Music, G Nurturing Children
Naiburg, Suzi Structure and Spontaneity in Clinical Prose – A writer’s guide for psychoanalysts and psychotherapists
Novak, Edward Physical Touch in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy- Transforming Trauma through Embodied Practice
Odgen, T. H Creative Readings: Essays on Seminal Analytic Works
O’Dwyer de Macedo, H. Letters to a Young Psychoanalyst
Orange, D The suffering stranger/hermeneutics for everyday practice
Orange, D Thinking for clinicians: Philosophical resources for contemporary psychoanalysis and the humanistic psychotherapies
Orange, D Nourishing the Inner Life of Clinicians and Humanitarians
Phillips, Adam In Getting Better
Phillips, Adam On Wanting to Change
Pizer, S. A Building Bridges
Ragen, T The consulting room and beyond
Raphael-Leff, J “Spilt milk” perinatal loss & breakdown
Ringstrom, Philip A A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Couples Psychotherapy
Salberg & Grand Wounds of History: Repair and Resilience in the Trans-Generational Transmission of Trauma
Salberg, J. (Ed) Good enough Endings
Salberg, J. (Ed) Psychoanalytic Credos – Personal and Professional Journeys of Psychoanalysts
Sands, Susan; Wixted, Kristen The Inside Story – The Surprising Pleasures of Living in an Aging Body
Scharff, J (Ed) Psychoanalysis online
Schore, A Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self
Schwartz Cooney, Amy ; Sopher, Rachel Vitalization in Psychoanalysis – Perspectives on Being Becoming
Seruya, Barbara B Empathic Brief Psychotherapy (Bound Book)
Shaw, D Traumatic narcissism: Relational systems of subjugation
Shorr, Joseph Psychotherapy through imagery
Siegel, A Heinz Kohut and the psychology of the self
Siegel, A Heinz Kohut and the psychology of the self (Bound Book)
Slochower, J Holding and psychoanalysis
Stern, D Partners in thought
Stern, D The interpersonal world of the infant
Stern, Steven Needed Relationships and Psychoanalytic Healing: A Holistic Relational Perspective on the Therapeutic Process
Stolorow, Atwood & Orange Worlds of Experience
Stolorow, R Contexts of Being: The intersubjective foundations of psychological life
Stolorow, R & Lachmann, F Psychoanalysis of developmental arrests theory and treatment
Stolorow, R., Brandschaft, B., & Atwood, G. Psychoanalytic treatment: An intersubjective approach
Strozier, Charles Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst
Sue, Derald Wing Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
Swartz, S Psychoanalysis and Colonialism – A Contemporary Introduction
Swartz, S Ruthless Winnicott
Togashi, K & Kottler, A Kohut’s Twinship across Cultures: The Psychology of Being Human
Wallin, D Attachment in psychotherapy
Weisel-Barth, Joye Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives on Narrative in Psychoanalysis – The Creation of Intimate Fictions
Wilkinson, M Changing minds in therapy
Williams, Paul The Fifth Principle Trilogy (Three Volume Set)
Willock, B et al Loneliness and Longing- Conscious and Unconscious aspects
Wolf, E Treating the Self : Elements of Clinical Self Psychology (1988) (Bound Book)

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  • Contemporary Psychoanalysis 1997 – 2003
  • International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology 2006 – 2015
  • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA) 2008 – 2009
  • Psychoanalysis, Self, and Context (previously International Journal of
  • Psychoanalytic Self Psychology) 2017 – 2022
  • Psychoanalytic Dialogues 1991 – 2022
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 1992 – 1996
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in South Africa 2016 – 2017
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in South Africa 2015 & 2018
  • The International Review of Psycho-Analysis 1991 – 2007
  • The Psychoanalytic Quarterly 2008 – 2009


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Author(s) Title
Bacal, Howard A The Essence of Kohut’s Work and the Progress of Self Psychology
Bacal, Howard A ; Thomson, Peter G The Psychoanalyst’s Selfobject Needs and the Effect of their Frustration on the Treatment: A new view of Contertransference
Bacal, Howard A. Ch 16: Optimal Responsiveness and the Therapeutic Process
Barratt, B What are healing practices (Ch 6)
Barratt, B Oedipal complexities (Ch 5)
Barrett, B Beyond Technique :  Psychoanalysis as a Form of Practice
Basch, Michael Franz The Selfobject Concept: Clinical Implications
Benjamin, Jessica Recognition and Destruction: An Outline of Intersubjectivity
Berger, Brenda ; Newman, Stephanie Money Talks in therapy, society and life
Brandchaft, Bernard To Free the Spirit from Its Cell
Brandchaft, Bernard Ch 9 : Resistance and Defense : An Intersubjective View
Buirski, Peter Intersubjectivity
Carr, Russell IAPSP Panel Presentation : Combat Trauma
Davids, M Fakhrey Internal Racism  (Ch 2 : A Clinical Study of a  Racist Attack)
Fisch, James M Ch 4 The Active Exploratory and Assertive Self as Manifested in Dreams
Fosshage, James L Implicit and Explicit Interferences in Tracking Affects, Intentions and Goals
Goldberg, A Self Psychology and External Reality (Ch 5)
Graf, Elizabeth ; Milrod, Barbara ; Aronson, Andrew Panic Focussed Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: a manualized, psychoanalytic approach to panic disorder
Hazel The Analyst’s Attitude : A Relational Perspective
Iddan, Eldad In Treatment (Adele, Week 5) A Self Psychological Perspective
Knapp, Samuel The Ethics of Advertising, Billing and Finances in Psychotherapy
Kohut, Heinz The Autobiography of Mr. Z
Kohut, Heinz Thoughts on Narcissism and Narcissistic Rage
Kohut, Heinz The Two Analyses of Mr Z
Kohut, Heinz Pathology of the Self
Kohut, Heinz Self Psychology and Narcissism
Kohut, Heinz Introspection, Empathy and Semicircle of Mental Health
Kottler, Amanda Sir: A Story of Trauma
Lachmann, Frank M Aggression: Reactive and Transformed
Lachmann, Frank M Some Contributions of the Empirical Infant Research to Adult Psychoanalysis: What we have learned? How can we apply it?
Lemma, Alessandra Under the Skin – CH 4 Being seen or being watched
Lemma, Alessandra Under the Skin – CH 5 Ink, holes and scares
Lichtenberg, Joseph D Experience as a Guide to Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice
Lichtenberg, Lachmann The Selfobject Experience
Lichtenberg, Joseph ; Kindler, Allan R. A Motivational Systems Approach to the Clinical Experience
Livingston, Martin S Dreams, the understanding – Explaining Sequence and the Facilitation of Curative Process
Lubbe, Trevor Object Relations on Depression (Ch 4 : Melanie Klein’s theory of depression)
Lubbe, Trevor Object Relations on Depression (Ch 8 : Analytic subtypes of Depression)
Luyten, Patrick ; Fonagy, Peter ; Lemma, Alessandra ; Target, Mary Depression (Chapter 15 : “Handbook of Mentalizing in Mental Health Practice”
Marohn, Richard C Rage Without Content (Ch 11)
Mitrani, Judith L On the Survival Function of Autistic Manoeuvres in Adult patients
Morgan, Helen Issues of “Race” in psychoanalytic psychotherapy: whose problem is it anyway?
Morton, Shane Ch7 Self Psychology’s Additions to Mainstream Concepts of Defense and Resistance
Ogden, Thomas Reverie and Metaphor : Some thoughts on how I work as a psychoanalyst
Orange, Donna M Ch 5 Cotransference : The Analyst’s Perspective
Orange, Donna M What is Hermeneutics?
Orange, Donna M ; Atwood, George E ; Stolorow, Robert D Working Intersubjectively CH 1 Intersubjectivity Theory and the Clinical Exchange
Orange, Donna M ; Atwood, George E ; Stolorow, Robert D Working Intersubjectively CH 2 Beyond Technique : Psychoanalysis as a Form of Practice
Oremland, Jerome D Ch 10 : Kohut’s Reformulations of Defense and Resistance as Applied in Therapeutic Psychoanalysis
Ornstein, Anna The Dread to Repeat: Comments on the working through process in Psychoanalysis
Ornstein, Paul ; Ornstein Anna Some Distinguishing Features of Heinz Kohut’s Self Psychology
Ornstein, Paul H The Evolution of Self Psychology CH 2 Why Self Psychology is not an Object Relations Theory: Clinical and Theoretical Considerations
Ornstein, Paul H Chronic Rage from Underground: Reflections on Its Structure and Treatment
Preston, Lynn ; Shumsky, Ellen Ch 5 The Development of the Dyad: A Bidirectional Revisioning of Some Self Psychological Concepts
Schafer, Roy Insight and Interpretation : The essential tools of Psychoanalysis CH 4 Remembering in the Countertransference
Schafer, Roy Insight and Interpretation : The essential tools of Psychoanalysis CH 6 Interpreting Sex
Schwaber, Evelyne A Particular Perspective on Analytic Listening
Schwaber, Evelyne The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Volume 38)
Shane, Morton ; Shane, Estelle Self Psychology in Search of the Optimal: A Consideration of Optimal Responsiveness, Optimal Provision, Optimal Gratification and Optimal Restraint in the Clinical Situation
Shore, Allan Neurobiology
Stern, Daniel N Non-Interpretive Mechanisms in Psychoanalytic Therapy
Stern, Steven In Treatment and the Analytic Attitude
Stolorow, Robert Kohut Memorial Lecture
Stolorow, Robert ; Brandchaft, Bernard ; Atwood, George Intersubjectivity in Psychoanalytic Treatment (with special Ref to Archaic States)
Swartz, Sally The power to name: South African intersubjective psychoanalytic psychotherapy and the negotiation of racialized histories
Tolpin, Paul H he Primacy of the Preservation of Self CH 8
Trop, Jeffrey L Self Psychology and Intersubjectivity Theory
Tustin, F Autistic barriers in Neurotic patients : The rhythm of safety (Ch 15)
Weisel-Barth, Joye A Contemporary Self Psychology Perspective on Misattunement in the “In Treatment” Episode Panel 111
Wolf, ES The Therapeutic Process CH 9
Wolf, ES Selfobject Transferences CH 10