A good grounding to start with, especially for newer members

Introduction to Self Psychology and Intersubjectivity Systems Theory Reading Group

This group is for CTPSPG members who wish to learn more about the theory of The Psychology of the Self, and Intersubjective Systems Theory. Although open to all members, it serves primarily as an induction of new members to the CTPSPG. It is facilitated by an experienced senior member of the CTPSPG.

It will meet monthly, about 10 times, during which participants will be given a taste of some of the most crucial and influential theoretical ideas necessary for the clinical practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy within the theoretical frameworks of the Psychology of the Self and Intersubjectivity Systems Theory. These ideas include:

  1. getting a sense of the place of Self Psychological and Intersubjectivity theory clinically and in psychoanalysis;
  2. understanding the selfobject idea as a central concept of Self Psychology;
  3. identifying selfobject experiences / transferences;
  4. understanding clinical empathy as the definer of the field (the methodology for collecting data), as an informer of our therapeutic action (how we respond to the patient), and as a facilitator of empathic resonance (opening up mutual pathways of empathy between patient and analyst);
  5. developing an understanding, and a capacity to make sense of how the mutual and reciprocal influences of two (or more) subjectivities / self states, play out in a clinical setting;
  6. developing an understanding of the significance of how the historical and current contexts of the subjectivities / self states manifest in the clinical setting;
  7. understanding which processes do or do not enable the provision of selfobject experiences and the influence of the forward and trailing edge transferences;
  8. discovering the significance of focusing on the reparative quality of our relationships with our patients (the provision of needed selfobject experiences throughout life);
  9. getting a sense of how the central concepts have evolved into what can now be thought of as Contemporary relational Self Psychology.

For more information please contact Amanda Kottler.