Maia Zway



HPCSA reg.


Practice No.



MA (Clin Psych) UCT

Professional Title

Clinical psychologist


I am a registered clinical psychologist practicing from a warm and welcoming space in Newlands. I work with adult individuals, adolescents, children, and parents. I work from an integrative psychodynamic approach (with a strong focus on self psychology and attachment theory), but also incorporate other modalities depending on the client’s needs. I aim to create a safe, empathic, and collaborative therapeutic environment.


I believe that human beings inherently strive for growth and connection. However, patterns of relating and protective strategies that may have protected us from emotional hurt in the past, may be hindering us from growth and connection in the present. These protective strategies and patterns of relating are often unconscious, or outside of our awareness. They developed in our earliest relationships, and thus can only  be healed within an empathic relationship.


I strive to create an empathic, collaborative, and supportive therapeutic environment in which your strengths and challenges can be explored. My primary therapeutic approach is integrative psychodynamic, which means that I explore unconscious and past dynamics that may be at play, but also focus on supportive strategies to help you in the present. For children and adolescents, I also focus on helping parents become more empathic and attuned to their child’s needs. I am strongly influenced by contemporary Psychoanalytic Self Psychology and Attachment Theory, which all focus on the importance of empathic attunement and relationship.

Areas of interest

Mood disorders; anxiety; adjustment to life changes; trauma; medical conditions and chronic pain; parental guidance and support; identity development and struggles with self-worth; child and adolescent emotional, behavioural, and relational difficulties.




Mobile Phone



16 Oakdale Rd, Newlands