Lisa Padfield



HPCSA reg.


Practice No.



MA in Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling at Stellenbosch University


My role is to facilitate working through the stuck and painful places in your life and to help you cope with crises, relationship difficulties or emotional struggles, within a safe therapeutic relationship. I work with individuals (adults only) and groups in both English and Afrikaans. Whether for the treatment of serious psychological conditions or life problems in general, I understand psychotherapy as a journey toward healing and wholeness.  However, it is a journey that requires energy, emotional investment and commitment from both client and therapist and should not be undertaken lightly.  I take the unconscious seriously; believe that the past influences the present and that we can all benefit from a deeper understanding of what makes us tick and who we are in the world. Not everyone who consults a psychologist has specific problems, though. Some people enter therapy to grow as individuals and, ultimately, to live more fulfilling lives.


My qualifications, experience and therapeutic approach: As a clinical psychologist, my training and experience covers the treatment of a range of psychological problems both on an inpatient (in a hospital) and outpatient basis. These include serious mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression as well as ordinary life problems such as relationship, emotional or spiritual/existential difficulties. I think and work psychodynamically. My approach is strongly collaborative where the client and I work together as partners on the journey toward wellbeing. I work with individual adults and have experience with brief, focused therapy as well as longer-term processes. I consult with other health care professionals, where necessary, to ensure the best possible service. I am registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders, so clients can claim from medical aid where they have benefits for psychology. I feel an ethical responsibility to reserve a portion of my billable hours for probono work. This I do primarily through volunteer work for LifeLine Western Cape, a non-profit organization I have been privileged to work with over many years. I am actively involved in furthering the profession of psychology, in service of all South Africans, through my chosen professional body (see below). As someone in the helping professions, I believe that we have an ethical responsibility to also take care of ourselves. Accordingly, I pay attention to my own personal and professional development on an on-going basis. I obtained a first-class Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch and completed my internship at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital. I am in private practice in Stellenbosch.

Areas of interest

I offer individual supervision for psychotherapists (registered psychologists, clinical social workers, counsellors etc.).  My aim is to provide a safe and non-judgemental space in which we can collaboratively explore the therapeutic processes, specific clinical difficulties and other aspects of case or practice management which form part of your therapeutic work.  Supervisees choose the frequency of sessions (weekly, every two weeks or monthly). 

I offer psychotherapy to adults on an individual basis.  My particular areas of interest include:  Adjustment issues (coping with life changes such as retirement, retrenchment, a break-up or divorce, a health crisis etc.). End-of-life issues (aging, death and dying). Loss and bereavement. Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Relationship problems (including same-sex relationships). 




Mobile Phone

072 9226322


18 Tarentaal Street, Onderpapegaaiberg, Stellenbosch