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Nic Hazell

Nic Hazell

I have always been fascinated by people and the complex factors that make them who they are; specifically, what makes them unique. Sometimes this includes questions about why people struggle and how suffering might be attenuated, relationships improved, destructive patterns altered and whether general happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind can be achieved.

I have found working with people as a psychologist to be both challenging and richly rewarding. I draw on a number of related theoretical frameworks that assist me in selecting an appropriate intervention tailored to the individual’s unique needs. I enjoy various types of therapy including individual sessions with adults, children and adolescents, group therapy, and family and couples work. I have an interest in trauma that includes working with children. I have many years of experience in the field of addiction, which was also the area of focus for my master’s thesis. I have considerable experience working with people living with serious illness and the complexities arising from this. I continue to be inspired not only by my work, but also by the evolving theory that informs it. For these reasons I strive continually to develop my skills and hone my craft.

Professional Details

  • Location:
    Mowbray, Cape Town
  • Qualifications:
    M.A. Clin Psych. (UCT)
  • Areas of interest:
    • Problems in relationships, including parental challenges and work related difficulties • Bereavement and traumatic loss – including work with children • Trauma - including work with children • Alcohol and substance use problems and addiction – including compulsive behaviors like gambling or sexual behavior • Family and couples work • Difficult, stressful or challenging life circumstances or changes • Low mood, depression and/or anxiety and panic attacks • Serious illness • Personal growth and self exploration
  • Practice no:
  • HPCSA reg:

Contact Details

  • City
    Cape Town
  • Country
    South Africa
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