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Maja Kwiatkowski

Maja Kwiatkowski

I am a clinical psychologist at Nurture Harmony Addictions Clinic in Cape Town. I provide individual therapy, family therapy, and facilitate group work with a focus on psychoeducation (re: brain-behaviour relationships) and DBT skills. My perspective on addiction stems from the Minnesota Alternatives Model, guided by the work of Paula DeSanto, Gabor Mate, and Marc Lewis.


Professional Details

  • Title:
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Location:
    Nurture Harmony Clinic
  • Qualifications:
    Honours, Industrial Psychology (UCT) Honours, Clinical Psychology (UCT) MA Clinical Neuropsychology (UCT) MA Clinical Psychology & Community Counselling (SU)
  • Areas of interest:
    I practice from an integrative psychodynamic framework (influenced largely by intersubjectivity, attachment theory and object relations theory). Although my theoretical orientation is predominantly psychodynamic, I also incorporate mindfulness-based principles (and the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn), which emphasise awareness, compassion, and acceptance. The approach I take is guided by each individual client's expressed difficulties, needs, and resources; however, ultimately, I believe that without the therapeutic relationship there can be no effective or meaningful therapy (theory offers a lens, but the relationship is key). My hope is to provide an experience in which clients feel heard and acknowledged, a space where hurts and hopes are collaboratively explored with kindness and curiosity. My areas of interest are broad and include: stress and anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, grief and bereavement, and chronic illness (specifically, the interplay between physical and emotional health). With a background in Neuropsychology, drawing heavily on developmental psychology, I also have a special interest in working with children, families, and adults affected by neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions. I view associated challenges as occurring within a system, and so my aim is to facilitate a therapeutic space where identified issues are understood and responded to holistically.
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    South Africa
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