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Brenda Cowley

Brenda Cowley

I  have been in private practice since 1992. My current interest is  working with adults in individual psychotherapy as well as focusing on attachment and boding issues in mother/infant psychotherapy.

My primary orientation is Relational Self Psycholgy and Relational Focusing Orientated psychotherapy.



Professional Details

  • Title:
    Educational Psychologist/psychotherapist
  • Location:
    Constantia Cape Town
  • Qualifications:
    M.Ed. Psychology (University of Cape Town) D.E.J.P (Rhodes University) Certified Focusing Orientated Psychotherapist (Focusing Institute, New York)
  • Areas of interest:
    > Individual Adult Psychotherapy: Anxiety; depression (including post-natal depression) bereavement and loss; parent counselling; relationship difficulties; difficult life decisions and those whose aim is increased self knowledge >Parent-Infant Psychotherapy: Enhancement of infant attachment and bonding (using primarily Mentalization Based Psychotherapy).
  • Practice no:
  • HPCSA reg:
    PS 0033251
  • CTPSPG Reading group:
    Cathy Aaron; Noleen Seris; Louise Mina; Andrew Carlyle; Margie le Roux
  • Further info:
    I strongly believe in a gentle approach which does not mean that uncomfortable issues are ignored. More than anything, for any therapy be successful, the client must feel safe and respected irrespective of the issues that he or she brings into the therapy. Relational psychotherapy involves a collaborative interaction between therapist and client. Both the therapist and client are impacted by the therapy in some way. Focusing Orientated psychotherapy blends easily into a relational way of working. Briefly, it involves concentrating on what is called the "felt sense". This is an inner awareness of "something" which is not consciously thought about. This "something" is often the key to a deeper self understanding. Through working with the "felt sense" the therapist is able to help clients to not only deepen their self-knowledge but also to gain new insights into the issues with which they are dealing. I have always been interested in developmental psychology, from earliest infancy to late adulthood. Part of my work is parent/infant psychotherapy with the emphasis on the psychology of early attachment and bonding. This has impacted on my understand of adult problems. I am comfortable working on a long or short term basis, depending on the needs and circumstances of each client.

Contact Details

  • Address
    7 Thorne Close, Constantia
  • City
    Cape Town
  • State or Province
    Western Cape
  • Zip Code
  • Country
    South Africa
  • Telephone
    021 794 4738
  • Mobile
    079 508 5406

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