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Diane Nelson

Diane Nelson

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice at Crescent Clinic in Claremont. I offer both long-and short-term psychotherapy to adults and older adolescents in either individual or group settings. 

Professional Details

  • Title:
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Location:
    Crescent Clinic, 269 Main Road Claremont, 7700
  • Qualifications:
    MA Clin. Psych. (Stell.) BA LLB (UCT)
  • Areas of interest:
    My particular interests include: • personal trauma and loss • depression and bipolar mood disorders • family and parental mental health • personality disorders including borderline personality disorder • interpersonal and relationship difficulties • adjustment or life-transition challenges, including parenthood, divorce, career, and existential related challenges
  • Practice no:
  • HPCSA reg:
    PS 0126934
  • Further info:
    For more information about my practice and the psychology services that I offer, please visit my website at or alternatively email me at

Contact Details

  • Address
    Crescent Clinic, 269 Main Road Claremont, 7700
  • City
    Cape Town
  • State or Province
    Western Province
  • Zip Code
  • Country
    South Africa
  • Telephone
    021 761 1188

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