Welcome to CTPSPG

Welcome to the Cape Town Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Group (CTPSPG)


The Cape Town Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Group is an association devoted to the advancement of the theoretical 
and practical understanding and development of Contemporary Self Psychology among therapists, their clients and members of the general public.


The Group was constituted in 1992 by a small group of clinical psychologists / psychoanalytic 
psychotherapists who were looking for a human, non-judgemental way of working psychotherapeutically. Self Psychology, as formulated by Heinz Kohut, places a person's self experience at the centre of psychoanalytic inquiry. With its emphasis on empathic attunement, the therapist attempts to understand the patient from within his/her own emotional world.
The CTPSP group aims to provide a supportive and vibrant ‘home’ for clinicians who are interested in Self Psychology and relational psychoanalysis to read, discuss, think and talk about theoretical ideas and clinical / psychotherapeutic practice.

Our members are registered, trained and experienced psychotherapists who offer psychotherapy to individuals, couples, 
and/or families in distress.


6/12/13 - The CTPSP group pays tribute to Nelson Mandela whose humanity, empathy and compassion will continue to inspire our work and our lives. We mourn his passing.